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Dogs for sale and purchasing options.

Over many years of hard work we have formed relationships with reputable irish talent scouts and we are able to import dogs from Ireland to match your budget and hopes for your racing Greyhound. 


We also have several stock dogs for sale as well as at certain times of the year puppies and saplings. These can be owned outright, or in a syndicate of friends, if you're not that popular you can just buy shares in selected dogs. 


All dogs on this site are advertised at the cheapest possible price and are sold to remain racing at The Gable Kennels. 


Brindle Chief

The Coyote Syndicate

May 2020 dog

Azza Azza Azza X Beaming Brae

There are SHARES available in this handsome dog

Please contact the kennels for further information


October 2022

To Tone Grace * Ice On Fire

Price Please contact kennels


October 2020 dog

Ballymac Bolger * Shady Girio

Price £1500

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