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Owning a Greyhound with us.

Owning a greyhound at the Gable Kennels is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.


On a Sunday owners can visit their dogs in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. There is always a laugh and a pat on the back to be had. 


We have a large group of owners that come to our semi-rural setting and enjoy long family walks with their dogs and their new found friends from The Gable Kennels. 



We at The Gable Kennels pride ourselves on our personal touch; you will always get to speak to Martyn or one of the senior staff and there is always banter to be had on the kennel's facebook page where owners can socialise and keep up to date with the goings on at the kennels and any social events. We try to bare in mind that nobody in this day and age wants to be kept waiting for information or treated as just a number.  After all this is your hobby and should be fun. 


Owning a greyhound can be enjoyed by everyone, even those on the tightest of budgets; see our 'dogs for sale' page for details. 

Recommend a friend!


Save £100 on your next kennel bill!


If you recommend a friend whos greyhound joins our racing team we will deduct £100 from your next kennel bill. 

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