Retired Greyhounds

We at The Gable Kennels have very strong links with the greyhound retirement schemes, RGT and RGOA. We work very hard to make sure all of these lovely animals have a fantastic retirement. We are always happy to board our re-homed greyhounds for holidays, trim their nails and clean their teeth.


We always have some of our friends looking for somewhere to spend their retirment: here are just a few. Why not come down and meet them... we guarantee you'll fall in love!


Maximus (True Gladiator)

is a wonderful boy who is bound to entertain you. He loves nothing more than a big cuddle and lazing around on his bed all day. Max is 4 years old and a nice quiet boy who wants to win your love and be your centre of attention! 

Chris (Christmas Tip) 

Is a big loveable lad with a cheeky personality. Now that Chris is retired the first thing on his Christmas wish list is a nice sofa to spend his retirement on. Chris is 5 years old and is the definition of gentle giant.

Maisy (Bennos Blaze) 

Lazy Maisy is a sweet girl whos favourite things include; strolls down the lane, big cuddles and most importantly cocktail sausages. Lazy Maisy earnt her nickname as you'll often find her being coaxed back into her bed with a cocktail sausage after she decides she doesnt want to walk any further. 

Scotty (Scotts Daddy)

Scotty is a big goof...and i'm not just talking about his over bite! He loves to take his water bowl, food bowl, and any other possessions he can find onto his bed to chuck around and have some fun. Its also a known fact that you can't pass Scottys kennel without paying the toll... a giant scotty cuddle! Scotty is looking for someone to share endless cuddles and to provide him with mountains of toys to chuck about and hide in his bed... could that be you? 

Stampy (Rusheen Stampy) 

Stampy is a very handsome and very happy chappy, I dont think we have ever seen his tail stop wagging! Stampy is 3 years old and full of excited, loving energy that he cant wait to share with a new family. 

Blake (Cape Blake) 

Blakey is a sensitive soul and a quiet, well behaved boy. He likes the simpler things in life, as long as he has a nice bowl of dinner and warm bed to sleep on then he is content. 

Venus (Vics Venus) 

Venus is a sweet little girl with a beautiful little angel spot on her head where her hair grows in a unique curl. Once Venus gets to know you, you will also meet her wild side, she loves to play and you will always see her zooming around the paddocks having fun with the other greyhounds. 

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