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The Gables kennels is one of the most modern greyhound training complexes in southern England. All the greyhounds housing is heated providing a luxury lifestyle for the dogs. The Kennels are based in a rural 4 acre site, the complex has over 35 large paddocks including fields for rearing puppies. 


State of the art Wurly Gig

This impressive new structure is now part of the Gable kennels training facilities. With a 70m running surface made fully from sand, the wurly gig can be used all year round!


There is a 500ft, all weather Gallop at the Kennels which is used for developing the greyhounds fitness, stamina and for schooling puppies. 

Swimming Pool

The kennels boasts a extremely large swimming pool for rehabilitation and fitness. Which the dogs love to use, its sometimes hard to get them out! They just want to party at the pool!


There is housing for over 100 dogs including a state of the art treatment room which includes the latest physiotherapy machines and an isolation block for new arrivals. 

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